Shooting across the country: how many murders have occurred in the New year

2019 was full of violence with a firearm, and the beginning of the New year was no different. About it writes USA Today.

Стрельба по всей стране: сколько убийств произошло в Новый год

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Within a few hours of the new decade killed many people, including two underage boys.

Several fights occurred in Nightclubs and bars.

Two people were fatally wounded when a man opened fire during the celebration of the 2020 club in Orlando (FL).

In a nightclub in Lubbock (Texas), the shooter killed two men, 17 and 24.

In Huntington (West Virginia), at least seven people were injured in a shooting at a bar early in the New year. More than a dozen shell casings were found outside the bar and in the Parking lot across the street.

Three people in St. Louis were shot early on the morning of 1 January. Three were found dead in one place, a fourth person was wounded in the leg, but survived.

According to police, des Moines (ia), fatally wounded the boy. Two men were killed in Philadelphia.

The wave of firing across the country, completes a year in which there have been more mass killings than in any other year, at least since the 1970-ies.

In 2019 as a result of mass murders killed more than 210 people, massovoi shooting is killing 4 or more people. Just been made 41 mass shooting, including 33 of the mass shooting in places like El Paso and Odessa, (TX), Dayton (Oh), Virginia beach (VA) Jersey city (new Jersey).

According to the non-profit archive of violence with a weapon that defines mass shooting as murdering four or more people shot or killed, not counting the arrow in 2019 was 417 mass shootings and 15 284 deaths due to violence.