Shooting at synagogue in Germany: arrow was video of the attack and published anti-Semitic ‘Manifesto’

The offender opened fire at the synagogue and the diner in Germany, 35 minutes aired the attack for Twitch streams. During this time, it looked about five. This writes Meduza.

Стрельба в синагоге в Германии: стрелок вел видеотрансляцию нападения и опубликовал антисемитский 'манифест'

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Approximately 2200 of Twitch viewers watched the tape before it was removed. Video and stills of the attack in Galle also appeared on Twitter and video sharing Streamable. The messenger Telegram the entry looked about 15 thousand times.

During the broadcast, the assailant introduced himself as Anon. He complained about feminism and immigrants, but also said that “the cause of all these problems — the Jews.”

Before the attack in Galle offender is published on the website Kohlchan statement, which contained anti-Semitic and racist remarks. In particular, he said that he deliberately decided to make the attack during Yom Kippur — important Jewish holiday. In addition to the synagogue, according to the criminal, he was considered as the target to attack the mosque. The published material also contains pictures of weapons and ammunition, which he decided to use the attack.

An armed attack on a synagogue in Halle took place on the afternoon of 9 October. The offender tried to get inside the building, but could not. He then fired several shots at the woman who addressed him. After this he went to the diner selling kebabs where shot two men and then opened fire on pedestrians on the street. Back at the school, he shot several times in the body of one of the victims. Police arrested the attacker as he tried to escape.

The attack on the synagogue and the diner was arranged for 27-year-old Stefan Balliet. He is a citizen of Germany of the Federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, where Halle is located. Previously, he was not known to the police. The media is calling him a right-winger and noted that after the attack on the synagogue police reported several criminals, but most of all, Stefan Balliet acted alone. About the arrest of other suspects, the police announced.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • On 9 October in the German city of Halle in the attack with the use of firearms killed at least 2 people. The shooting was arranged during the holiday of Yom Kippur and is regarded as an act of anti-Semitism.