Shooting at the air base in Florida, US has detained six of the Saudis

After the shooting, which led to the killing of three people in the territory of air base of the U.S. Navy Pensacola, Florida, arrested six citizens of Saudi Arabia, writes

Стрельба на авиабазе во Флориде: США задержали шестерых саудовцев

Photo: screenshot video CBS Evening News

According to sources, the channel, the Saudis detained near the airbase, taken into custody and questioned in connection with the shooting. Broadcaster CNN said that the investigation of circumstances of incident is engaged in FBI. The consequence does not exclude that the attack could be related to terrorism.

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis confirmed earlier that unknown persons opened fire on the base, was a citizen of Saudi Arabia and has mastered the skills of flight skills under the guidance of American instructors. According to the channel, in the program of carrier-based aircraft of the US Navy there are about 1,5 thousand foreigners. The representatives of Saudi Arabia are such classes since the 1970s.

The Senator from Florida Rick Scott, who until recently was Governor of the state, called for the revision of the program of training of foreign military pilots in the United States.

We will remind, on the eve of the chief of police of the district of Escambia in the state of Florida David Morgan said that on Friday in the shooting on the territory of the base, three people were killed, eight were wounded. According to police, one of those who was sent to hospital later died.

Unknown opened fire from a pistol, was killed by police who arrived on the scene.

Deputy press Secretary of the White house Judd Reid said that the President is monitoring the situation.

The king of Saudi Arabia Salman Ibn Abdel-Aziz al Saud has instructed the intelligence agencies of the country to cooperate with U.S. authorities in the investigation of the shooting at the Navy air base in Florida. This was said in a Friday evening statement, the Saudi Embassy in Washington after a telephone conversation of the monarch with the American leader Donald trump.

“The king of Saudi Arabia just called me to Express condolences and to convey condolences to the families and friends of soldiers who have been killed or injured in the attack… the King said that Saudi people are outraged by the barbaric actions of the shooter,” wrote trump on his Twitter page. According to him, king Salman al Saud stressed that the actions of the attacker, “nor in no way reflect the feelings of citizens of Saudi Arabia who love the American people”.

Стрельба на авиабазе во Флориде: США задержали шестерых саудовцев

Photo: screenshot of Twitter

Earlier, the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis reported that the consequence checks the version according to which the gunshots could be the Saudis, who were trained at the U.S. base.

The Embassy stressed that “the king has tasked Saudi intelligence to work with the relevant agencies of the United States in the investigation information that will help you identify the causes of this horrible attack.”

In NAS Pensacola involved more than 16 000 troops and 7 400 civilians, according to the web site database. This object includes the command of naval aviation schools, naval air technical training support group and the naval aviation training (21 and 23), the Blue angels and the headquarters training command naval education.

Shooting at the base in Pensacola occurred just a day after U.S. joint base pearl Harbor — Hickam in Hawaii, an American soldier opened fire on fellow soldiers. He killed two civilian employees and wounded another, then killed himself. Opened fire the American sailor was serving on the submarine USS Columbia. It is not known whether the employees of the shipyard targets of the shooter or victims. The identity of the victims were not disclosed before notification of their relatives. The attacker’s name was also not reported. What was the motive for his actions, while it is not known. On the basis of the investigation.