Shooting in Oslo: “troubling” for the LGBTQIA + community, according to Sylvain Gaudreault

Shooting in Oslo: «troubling


Parti Québécois (PQ) MP Sylvain Gaudreault is troubled by the shooting that broke out on the night of June 24 to 25, near a gay bar in downtown Oslo, Norway. 

“It is disturbing to see this still happening in 2022, said the homosexual MP who has represented the riding of Jonquière since 2007. Norway does not is not a country known for having homophobic policies, as is the case for Uganda, Russia, where it is more difficult to affirm your sexual orientation.

The attack left two dead, 21 injured, including 10 seriously injured, according to Oslo police. The tragedy forced the cancellation of the LGBT Pride March scheduled for this Saturday.

< p>The alleged perpetrator, a Norwegian of Iranian origin, has been arrested. The 42-year-old man is suspected of terrorism, homicide and attempted homicide, according to AFP information.

“Norway is a progressive country, continued Sylvain Gaudreault. It is deeply worrying. This shows how important it is to mobilize [for the LGBTQIA+ cause]. Sometimes people wonder why we still have the Pride Parade in Montreal in August. I think what just happened proves that we still need to do that. These remain achievements that are fragile […]. We must continue to show our pride.”

“Our rights and freedoms are never acquired,” added the MP. We must always be vigilant.”

Even if he does not make it his hobbyhorse in politics, Sylvain Gaudreault wanted to help normalize the fact of affirming his sexual orientation.

“I always wanted to show that it was something normal,” he said. This is my normality. I do not define my political action by that. I define myself more with the environment and the development of the regions. However, I believe that demonstrating this normality advances the LGBT cause.”