Shooting in Thailand: soldier killed 20 and wounded 31 people

A soldier in Thailand opened fire on the residents of the city of Nakhon Ratchasima in the northeast of the country. At least 20 people were killed, said local police. At the moment there are about 31 wounded. The police of the country still continues the operation to capture the suspect, who is in the Mall, reports the BBC.

Стрельба в Таиланде: военнослужащий убил 20 и ранил 31 человек

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Jakrapan Thomma, petty officer, first killed his commander and then he stole weapons and ammunition at a military base. Edition of the Bangkok Post writes that the territory of the military camp were also killed 63-year-old woman and another soldier. Then Tomma sat down on a military jeep.

He began to shoot at several sites in the city and arrived at the Terminal 21 shopping Mall. The footage shown by local media, is seen as suspect gets out and opens fire, while people trying to escape. The footage from the surveillance cameras shows him walking through the Mall with a raised rifle.

On the other frames visible fire near the building, which allegedly occurred after being shot in a can of gasoline.

Earlier, the Bangkok Post reported that the assailant took hostages, but these data are not officially confirmed.

Operation at the Mall

At the scene arrived employees of the security services. They entered the territory of the shopping Mall and saved a couple of hundred people, however, suspect not yet arrested. It is reported that authorities took control of the first floor of the building. As reports Reuters, the Mall periodically shootings.

Car traffic in this area is fully covered. The police warned local residents that they did not leave the house.

To the Mall arrived the mother of the suspect is that it will help to convince him to surrender.

One of the local residents told Bi-bi-si, as she, along with a group of people hiding from the assailant in the toilet on the fourth floor of the building. Then she was able to get to the second floor and for three hours hiding underneath the table in the restaurant. Then she heard several shots and saw the military that helped her get to a safe place.

The attacker’s motives remain unclear. But he did publish in their social networks during the attack, and posted a question whether he should give up.

Prior to that, he published a picture of the gun and bullets with the caption “Time to worry” and “no One can escape death.” In one of his published photographs the assailant is on the background of fire. Now the men account on Facebook blocked.

In connection with the attack Facebook said: “We heartily sympathize with the victims, their families and all residents affected by the tragedy in Thailand. Facebook is no place for people who commit such atrocious acts. And we are not allow to support or endorse this attack.”

The Prime Minister of Thailand prayuth Chan-OCHA monitors the events and expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

The Minister of health Anutin Charnvirakul urged local residents to donate blood for the victims.

He also said that there is no information if there’s more inside no more bodies But he says they don’t know whether the Mall is still dead and injured.

“I saw a woman with hysterical screaming and runs out of the shopping center,” — said in an interview with the Associated Press witness Natta Maniam. “The motorcyclist saw her, just run, and even threw his bike”.

It was the second mass shooting in the country for a month.



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