Shopping Megastore expand comfortable shopping experience!

Магазины МегаМаркет расширяют территорию комфортного шопинга!

July 17 new store Megastore Kapitanivka invites you to the opening!

For You:

Traditionally a wide range of products, which has more than 70 thousand units.

— Consumer goods and exclusive products from the best leading manufacturers of Ukraine and the world.

— Own production of meat, fish, bread, confectionery and culinary shops.

Cozy cafe where You can eat, order fresh-caught oysters, pizza of own production in a wide range right out of the oven, eat delicious author’s desserts and enjoy a Cup of aromatic coffee in a cozy atmosphere.

— A wine boutique with more than 2,000 wines Old and New world, where knowledgeable sommeliers are happy to give advice and help to choose a drink to any event. And for fans of wine taste, but with zero Fort, in the wine boutique offers non-alcoholic wine.

According to appliance repair workers, department of electronics and household appliances, where there are all the necessary items to create a comfortable life: from small gadgets to large machinery for home improvement!

We invite You between 17 July and every day from 8.00 to 23.00 to the address: Zhytomyr highway, village kapitanovka, Sobornaya street, 6.

Shop and Megastore rasshiryat teritory comfortable shopng!

On July 17 Novi store Megastore between kapitanivka zaprosu on vakrita!

For You:

— Traditio wide assortment tovariv actnic, that Nalco hope 70 thousand odinite.

— Products displaying a wide Vitko the exclusive products from Ukraine nycrama Pravda virobnikiv the world.

— Products wlasnego virobnictva m clear ribnovo, Hluboka, konditerskoe kulinarnogo cehv.

— Zatyshne cafe de Vie you can relish posti, semovita vavilovian ostric, PCU wlasnego virobnictva wide an assortment of right iz PEC, koshtuvati smaczny avtorsky dessert that Wapiti a Cup aromatna kawi have a cozy atmosferi.

Winny boutique s hope 2 000 neimenovan I New wines from the Old world, at any qualey Somali iz zadovolennya nagast advice that dopomozhe pay napi to be eco pod. And for prihilny wine smaku, ale z nulevoy mcnasty, wine boutique predstavlen bezalkoholni wine.

— Vddl Pobutova techni electroni, de , VSI neohd stvorennya goods for comfortable life: from drsnik gadgets to Veliko techni for oblashtuvannya Osel!

Zaprosov You s on July 17 that the skin of the day s 8.00 till 23.00 for adresou: Zhitomirska the main road, between kapitanivka S., vul. The Cathedral, 6.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine