Shopping, sun and smiles: Mila kunis spent the day with my daughter

Yesterday the 36-year-old Mila kunis were once again spotted on the streets of Los Angeles with five-year old daughter Wyatt. This time the actress decided to go with a girl shopping in West Hollywood — just on the way to the Mall them and the paparazzi photographed.

Шопинг, солнце и улыбки: Мила Кунис провела день с дочкой

Shopping star mom and daughter went to his favorite style of casual: on the Mile was t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and sneakers, and Wyatt — pink suit of long jacket and leggings and sandals in the same tone. Mila and Wyatt has clearly arrived in a good mood: they are about something talked, laughed a lot and clung to his hands.

Recall that Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher a lot of time to devote to their children. Paparazzi regularly take them off while sitting in cafes and on walks. By the way, in one of his interviews Mila told what principles are important in the education of her daughter and two year old son, Dimitri:

I tried to be the perfect mom. I was literally obsessed with my first child! So I understand that I am not the bad mother. Now I am less stressed about it.

Mila kunis also said that they Ashton pay much attention to the development of their children, often driving them to different classes and to the library. By the way, the star couple back in the spring attended training toddlers: Mila and Ashton visited one of the preschools in Los Angeles and met with the curriculum and teachers.