Short sequel to “Jurassic World” published online

The Network posted a short continuation of the sci-Fi Thriller “Jurassic World”. We are talking about the 8-minute film called “Battle on the big Rock” produced in cooperation with the film studios Universal Pictures and Director Colin Trevorrow.

Короткометражное продолжение «Мира Юрского периода» опубликовано в Сети

Presented to the public a short film is a continuation of kynoselen “Jurassic World”. The short story “Battle on the big Rock” is published on a popular YouTube channel Jurassic World. In the synopsis for the short film says on the script for this film worked Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael. The action takes place a year after the events in “Jurassic World” national Park and the big Rock, where, according to mythology the first film, is inhabited by dinosaurs. The story is of a family of four, whose encounter with these wild animals becomes a terrible struggle for survival.

Published have already seen more than 130 000 people. Most Internet users are the work made a huge impression. In the comments, the audience literally took the tape into quotes. Many liked that the franchise returned some scientific accuracy.