“Showing off skills in fencing”: the network has teased a video in which the younger son of Queen…

«Хвастается навыками в фехтовании»: сеть насмешило видео, в котором младший сын королевы...

The network has literally exploded video, published on the official website of the British Royal family on the social network Twitter. In him the younger son of Queen Elizabeth, a 55-year-old Prince Edward, the Earl of Massacci attending Lakeland Community Care Centre in Northern Ireland, cuts the cake baked on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this organization. Prince, previously a good aim and started the countdown: “Ready? One, two, three — go!”, plunges a knife into the middle of the pastry and enthusiastically begins to cut.

“He first cut the cake, or just demonstrating their skills in fencing?”, “This man had never cut a cake,” wrote in the comments netizens. Others recognized the sense of humor of a representative of the Royal family. “It’s nice to see how the Earl of Essex makes a note of humor in such things,” they wrote.

In June, the couple celebrated the 20th anniversary from the day of their wedding. They are raising two children — 15-year-old lady Louise and 11-year-old James, Viscount Severn.

«Хвастается навыками в фехтовании»: сеть насмешило видео, в котором младший сын королевы...Edward and Sophie

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