SHY Ukrainian singer presented the video for the international day of prayer for orphans

SHY is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter and musician presented a new video work. “Turn around” is a ballad about how a person is missing person. However, the idea to make a video about the children who grow up without parents, was unexpected.

Украинская певица SHY представила клип к международному дню молитвы за детей сирот

The lyrics “In ti is Holy, so scho Ljubisa ti, not shady mogo, etc… Menini, travnet, VSI … sorry meni…” — Director Yuri Dijon heard the appeal of the parent to the child, who had dared to raise. Video released on the eve of the world day of prayer for orphans, which this year in Ukraine will be held on 10th November. All the actors in the video are the children who live in the center of family education “Father’s House”.

Shy — come Back (PREM R)

SHY: “I this is a special song. I’m glad to have found a Director who is feeling my music and want to create something more than entertainment content. I was amazed at how these kids are sincere, funny and educated. And was very touched when they told me about their dreams. Normal children, only with a special destiny. “

DVIZHON: “I am delighted to create such projects. In lyrics Shy second time I have find the keys to visualization is always current social topics. If this work we can find at least one child with a new family — I couldn’t be happier!”

Natalia Chesnova (PR, “Father’s House”): “It is so important for us to let people know what is children. Normal small with their dreams who are less fortunate. We’re happy to go on such experiments. Kids are able to do the whole day something interesting, and for us the opportunity to draw attention to the problem of orphans. Great that young performers come by such ideas. “

The project involved the photographer Diane Andronik, which gave the children a real photo shoot. Diana: “I was very pleased that I was invited to create these portraits, which, in fact, become a separate project. I wanted to show in the photos, these children are the same as others. They are knowledgeable, cheerful. Cool. I wish people stopped being afraid to ride in such houses, worrying about their feelings. I have a very good impression after the shooting!”.