Sienna Miller spoke about the affair with Jude law

The new issue of Elle magazine with a stunning Sienna Miller on the cover will go on sale on 3 October. For him, the actress gave an interview in which he told about some important aspects of their lives.

Сиенна Миллер рассказала о романе с Джудом Лоу

In the new issue, the actress shared her opinion about glory. She argues that there is always good and bad sides and it is ridiculous to say that it is unprofitable.

It was very fun and exciting. I saw Keith Richards and Mick Jagger! I had an experience about which I even could not dream,

― admitted the actress. But Sienna believes that this experience also had serious consequences. For her, this life was too impulsive.

Сиенна Миллер рассказала о романе с Джудом Лоу

Miller also spoke about her romance with Jude law.

I fell in love with someone very famous, and it was discussing the fact

― shared Miller. She added that she would be very happy if the affair happened after she became famous because of something else.

On joint education of children with Tom Sturridge actress spoke rather warmly. Sienna told me that her ex-boyfriend can stay the night at her house.

It is beyond the scope of child custody, but we were able to solve it,

― said Miller. She believes this is quite an unusual approach.

Sienna also expressed his attitude to the paparazzi.

I’m going to take your child to school, and at this point they start to shoot, it’s annoying. But they are quite… I don’t want to say polite, because I think their profession is quite disrespectful, but at least they are not right in my face,

says Sienna. The method of dealing with the paparazzi, she’s pretty normal: the actress just tries not to pay attention to them.