Sienna Miller told why Anna Kendrick managed to steal her role in “Trolls”

Sienna Miller has admitted that upsets her loss of the role in the animated film “Trolls”. The actress told this week during a night show with Seth Meyers.

Сиенна Миллер рассказала, почему Анне Кендрик удалось увести у нее роль в «Троллях»

In 2016 Sienna auditioned for the role of “Trolls”, but at the end of trial instead chose Anna Kendrick. According to the actress, she wanted to add children’s film to his resume. Moreover, there was another important member of the audience, who wanted to please the star: her 7-year-old daughter Marlowe. But Miller has taken the wrong approach to listening and because of this missed role. The culprit was the voice actress was supposed to give it to the hero.

The vocal audition was pretty embarrassing. I was going to do something unique, but in the end depicted with a silly voice. Although Marlowe when she was three years old, liked it very much. I thought I scored, sent the film to the Studio, but never got a response

— says the actress. Miller is sure that somewhere in the Studio so far is the cassette with a funny voice Troll, who then seemed to her appropriate.

Unfortunately, Miller didn’t get the role, and in its place took Anna Kendrick, who preferred simply to be natural.

Then I saw the movie. She said great, kind of like a normal voice. So I really was not in the spirit. I wanted to be the Troll

— shared Sienna.

In response to this sad story, the host offered Miller still overwrite their part and to show his daughter the actress reworked version of the film. Sienna liked the idea, so perhaps the world will have some “Trolls”.