Sighted: a team in 90 seconds and scored two goals with strikes from own half (video)

Пристрелялись: команда за 90 секунд забила два гола ударами со своей половины поля (видео)

Unprecedented accuracy showed the players in the match of the second power of the Japanese division between one of the leaders of the “Montedio Yamagata” and “Akima” (3:0). The players of the home team in the second half for fifteen minutes and scored two goals “shots” with his half of the field!

The first goal shun Nakamura sent to the grid of the opponent’s goal on the 61st minute. It took only 90 seconds, and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto repeated the achievement of the partner at the same time, setting the final score — 3:0 in favor of “Montepio”. Note that after hitting Sakamoto the ball flew in a perfect trajectory, but fails “in Japan” not just rescued his team.


Photo of FC “Montedio Yamagata”

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