Signs of “dangerous weight loss” — when to run to the doctor?

Despite the concerns of many problem of excess weight and weight loss rapid weight loss is not a reason for pride. Many begin to lose weight without effort, and not regard it as a sign of problems in the body. However, the disease in which people are rapidly losing weight, are dangerous. The endocrinologist says when you need to alert and get tested.

Признаки «опасного похудения» — когда стоит бежать к врачу?

“First of all, you should decide what is considered “sharp” weight loss and what preceded it. Small, intentional weight loss to improve the health of the organism or maintain the figure can be justified. But if there is involuntary weight loss (more than 5% in six months) without dieting and exercising, the deterioration in General well-being, then you should visit the doctor”. says endocrinologist Tamara Gelashvili.

Diseases that may be accompanied by involuntary weight loss:

  • cancer;
  • tuberculosis;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • eating disorders (anorexia);
  • hormonal disorders;
  • prolonged emotional stress and chronic stress, which lead to loss of appetite.

Whom to contact?

If you noticed weight loss on the background of weakness and reduced emotional background, then first consult physician. He will appoint a comprehensive examination, and based on the results, will be referred to specialists. The main thing — not to hesitate.

An example of life

Illustrative case Liz Oakley from Scotland, who decided to lose weight and refused favorite pies. For 2 months she lost 12 kg, but at the same time her complexion was yellow, the belly severe pain and vomiting. Relatives persuaded to go to the doctor and it turned out that she had pancreatic cancer, and she lost weight not because of the rejection of the pies.