Similar to a MOP dog became famous all over the world

Похожая на швабру собака прославилась на весь мир

The wool of komondorok requires careful maintenance, so the Hang was very lucky that she has such a caring and loving mistress

Gintare from Lithuania Bertoncini dreamed of a dog all his life. And the girl wanted a Komondor is a Hungarian breed of shepherd dogs.

When Gintare was a little kid, gave her a postcard with a picture of this dog, the girl was so fascinated by strange animals, that for many years kept the picture.

Until then, until she became the mistress of adorable Komondor named Hanga.

In Lithuania was only two dogs of this breed, so the surrounding is always surprised to look at funny animal, which resembles more of a MOP.

It’s all in the wool of komondorok, which eventually becomes hard and rolled into cords. On average the body one Hungarian sheepdogs may be about two thousand cords.

People are surprised when you see the hang on the street, many even take pictures with the adorable dog MOP. After about shepherd wrote to all local Newspapers, Gintare started her profile in Instagram.