Simon Gagné and the Remparts win against the Titan

Simon Gagné and the Remparts win against the Titan


Simon Gagné savored his first victory Friday night as head coach, which could help him prepare for his next challenge.

< p>Patrick Roy was absent due to a trip with the team president, which allowed Gagné to prepare and lead the team that won 6-2 against the Acadie Titan- Bathurst.

“Before the game, I was just as nervous if not more than when I was playing, Gagné admitted with a smile […]. There was nervousness and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“I am happy to have the chance to live early in the year, he added. It gives me a taste of what it could be like to coach […]. It can definitely help me make a decision about my future with the Remparts.”

'Human nature'

Gagné admitted that Roy probably would have been unhappy with his squad's first-half exit.

“Patrick might not have didn't like our first 10 minutes, but we played good hockey after that,” Gagné said. […] At the start of the match, it was more difficult. I think it's human nature when the boss isn't there. We think maybe we can let ourselves go a little more, but the veterans have taken matters into their own hands.”

“We created a lot of good things offensively in the lower end and it's fun to see the guys being rewarded,” he continued.

Mutual Respect

Gagné had the chance to win his first duel against his friend and former teammate, Gordie Dwyer, who leads the Titan.

“Gordie was my first captain with the Remparts,” he said. We played on the same line and I have a lot of respect for him. It's fun to have played my first match against a friend and I'm glad I had the best.”

Gordie Dwyer would have hoped for a different result against his friend.

< p> “The two goals in 25 seconds hurt us,” said Dwyer. It's a turning point in the game. We spent too much time in our zone. Their forecheck and their speed hurt us […]. It cut our legs.”

“I wish he had waited another day before his first win, but I'm happy for Simon,” added Dwyer. He had a good career as a player and I think he will have a great one as a coach. It's a good school for him in Quebec with Patrick Roy and the whole structure that is in place. He's a good person and he's sure to be successful.”

Gagné will now prepare to face the Sea Dogs on Saturday without two of his defensemen. Édouard Carrier is at risk of being suspended for a skate, which earned him a game misconduct, while Evan Nause is ill.