Simple rules of home care for colored hair

The hair after coloring, especially if you decide to become a blonde, need special care – we must not only preserve color but also appearance and texture of the hair.

Простые правила домашнего ухода за окрашенными волосами

After staining, especially radical, it is recommended not to wash your hair for three days. During this time the cuticles are sealed the hair will keep longer color. If you wash your hair immediately after coloring, the risk simply wash away the tint.

Generally not recommended to wash hair. If you used to wash your hair every day, after the change of image it is better to get rid of this habit. Frequent washing of hair makes it more porous and therefore prone to damage. In addition, washed out color, and substances in water and detergents can react with the pigments. This can lead to change color, e.g. yellowing.

Very important home care for colored hair. For dyeing, the hair becomes more dry and brittle, so you need to regularly use a balm and mask making. Even if you use the salon care, he does not exclude home, but only complements it.

Try to avoid frequent drying hot hair dryer, and styling with Curling irons and a flat iron. Constant styling can cause the hair will start to break down and severely dry. Be sure to use high-quality means for thermal protection.

Should not dye your hair too often. Now there are options for staining, which does not need to touch up roots only a few times a year to update the coloring, and the rest of the time to maintain the desired shade with the tinted balms. Overall not recommended staining more often than once in six weeks so they have time to recover.