Simple rules that will help to protect the liver

Less alcohol, more fruit, vegetables and nuts, personal hygiene, and physical activity – all of which help to maintain the health of the liver.

Простые правила, которые помогут защитить печень

As told by the surgeon-hepatologist Yuri Kovalenko, the main measures to avoid serious liver problems, boil down to fairly simple rules. It is an active lifestyle, proper nutrition, avoiding harmful habits, personal hygiene, preventive medical examination.

The main risk factors of liver diseases – a sedentary lifestyle, fatty food, overweight, alcohol, viral infections, infection of worms and toxic effect of drugs.

The greatest risk of infection with viral hepatitis b and C occurs when injecting drugs, tattooing, blood transfusions, holding a number of cosmetic procedures, it is also possible sexual transmission.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of patients with primary liver cancer and fatty degeneration of the liver, and the latter is directly related to lifestyle and diet, said the doctor.