Simple secret of longevity was told by the nutritionists

Experts told how to protect themselves from cardiovascular diseases and cancer as well as reduce the risk of premature aging.

Простой секрет долголетия рассказали диетологи

According to dietitian Natalia Pugacheva slow down the aging process and protect yourself from diseases you can, if you reduce the calorie content of foods you eat. In other words, the expert advice is simply a little less there.

This conclusion is nutritionist made, based on the research. Experiments on rodents showed that those mice, which have reduced the calorie content of 30-40%, lived 10-15% longer than animals that had been fed normally. Natalia Pugacheva advises always have to leave room for dessert. But in fact it is not.

Start a practice that to do it once again and then completely give up desserts, not increasing portion of food. In fact, it is a variation on the well-known Council — is needed so that after the meal there was very slight feeling of hunger. In addition, the expert advises adults to eat meat and fish only twice a week.

For children, this restriction does not apply. Also nutritionists advise to eliminate from the diet of the red, fatty meat and eat more foods with a high content of zinc, magnesium and b vitamins (B3, B9, B12).