Simple tips and home remedies cough

Adequate hydration and cessation of Smoking are necessary to alleviate cough. But there are other means to get rid of the cough, the tips of them shared by German doctors.

Простые советы и домашние средства от кашля

Keep the room moist air. To further avoid overloading the mucous membranes of severe cough, you should keep the room moist air. On the dryer you can hang wet towels or put a damp cloth on the radiator.

To drink enough fluids. To the circulation of the mucous membranes of the throat and bronchi was active, it is important that the tissues of the body was hydrated enough. So when you cough it is important to drink enough fluids. Perfect are herbal teas that also thin the mucus and ease the cough.

Tea of plantain. Medicinal effect of this drink when you cough repeatedly confirmed.

Tea made from elderberry. Dissolves and promotes rapid removal of mucus by coughing, and also acts as a prophylactic against colds.

Warm bath. Experts advise to add to the bath a solution of thyme. A handful of the herb thyme should be stirred in half a liter of water and add the solution into the bath. Inhalation with thyme helps to ease a cough.

Milk with honey. Warm or mildly hot milk with honey soothes cough.

Onion juice. Onion juice can be a real panacea for sore throat and cough. To do this, press the onions and mix the juice with a small amount of honey and drink this mixture in small SIPS.

Salt pair. Inhaling warm, moist and salty air, you can help your bronchi to get rid of pathogens. For inhalation, you should add about ten grams of salt in one liter of hot water.

Forget about cigarettes. When coughing is necessary to refrain from Smoking. Irritated and inflamed mucous of the bronchi and without that much suffering. Components of cigarette smoke in such circumstances can cause extremely adverse effects.