Simple tips that will help you stop overeating

Overeating is harmful, but this sin many. Why it happens, how to stop?

Простые советы, которые помогут перестать переедать

Scientists have found that most people overeat at a time when interested in something. And then it turns out that the food ate more than I should. And then there are problems with excess weight, problems with the blood vessels and heart, and pancreas. How to stop eat so much and not to destroy itself.

The reasons that lead to overeating.

Don’t watch what you eat

A favorite habit of most people to accompany your meal with watching TV, surfing the Internet, reading books is very harmful. Scientists have repeatedly proved. In such a careless consumption of food is lost such an important thing like wine tasting, enjoying the food. Try not to do it.

Affordable food

Researchers from Cornell University conducted a study examining the dietary habits of the employees of one large company. They divided the people into two groups. Representatives first put a chocolate bar in the cupboard in the Cabinet, and the second was a treat to go to another room. At the end of the experiment revealed that during the working day, the representatives of the first group ate 125 calories more than their counterparts.

Communication and overeating

Experts have found that when people eat and drink more than they need. They didn’t even notice. This led to bloating, slow digestion, bad mood.

Work snack

Eating on the job, buried in a computer or paper? Get ready that fat on the waist will be more and more. The fact that there is a food habit, and then will be like Pavlov’s dog. Just sat down at the Desk, immediately appetite.

Food and a drink

Coffee, juice, lemonade, tea or your favourite drink, which we used to wash down a meal leads to overeating. This habit is very harmful. This is very bad for the digestion, leads to spasms, swelling, pain, gastritis and ulcers. Therefore, doctors advise to stop to drink. Moreover, the drinks also have calories that will be unnecessary. It is better to divide the meals and drink.