Simulation from of American scientists: how to look like a nuclear war between the US and Russia. VIDEO

American scientists – participants of the project “Science & global security” (Science and Global Security, SGS) at Princeton University developed a simulation of an armed conflict involving nuclear weapons between the US and Russia, according to their scenario, during the first hours of hostilities, more than 90 million people can die and get injured.

Симуляция от американских ученых: как будет выглядеть ядерная война между США и Россией. ВИДЕО

Photo: Depositphotos

The author of the simulation Alex Gleser published a 4-minute video, called “plan a”, which shows a model of a nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia, on YouTube and on the official website of the project “Science & global security.”

According to the scenario, the conflict begins with the use of conventional weapons, but then Russia will deliver preventive nuclear strike on the border area of Germany and Poland to contain US forces and NATO in Europe. After that NATO strikes a nuclear attack on the Kaliningrad region. As a result, in the proposed scenario, the conflict develops into a tactical nuclear war in Europe and then spreading to the USA and Russia.

The authors of the simulation indicate that the project is “motivated by the need to emphasize the potentially disastrous consequences of current plans for nuclear war, the United States and Russia.”