Since September, Ukraine promised to increase the salaries of doctors

С сентября в Украине обещают повысить зарплату медикам

July will co-finances a “deficit” of the medical establishment, and from September will increase the salaries of doctors. This was stated by the Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov during the online meeting with ambassadors of the countries “Big seven”.

The Ministry of health works with the calculations of the funding of the health system next year, as well as the standardization of medical care in General.

“We are actively working on health reform. That’s about health reform, because all the previous steps in health care has been accented solely on the change in funding. I want to say that in reforming our health care we are very grateful to the foreign partners for expert assistance. We want to know about the best practices of other countries and implement it. Our goal is to build a health system that is genuinely one of the best in the world”, — said Stepanov.

According to him, the priority actions of the current leadership of the Ministry of health focused on the “deficient” health care institutions. That is, the financing of those institutions, which now funds from the state budget is less than it was last year. In particular, we are talking about institutions of TB services, psychiatric and tertiary hospitals, which were on the verge of closing.

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“This is done to prevent the closure of hospitals and dismissal of doctors. Also we have increased funding to emergency medical care. Because part of the emergency medical care was also a shortage of funds. We will increase this funding by 1.3 million UAH”, — said Stepanov.

Thus, according to him, the Ministry of health is working with the settlement to the next, 2021, and on standardization of medical care in General.

“It is important that these calculations are indeed consistent with the level of expenditure that is really needed to provide medical assistance. And so we have not had any problems with lack of funding”, — concluded the Minister.

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As reported, on June 19 the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said that the government will allocate 8 billion to increase salaries for doctors from September 1.

All doctors, regardless of their position, it is proposed to raise the salaries of 75%, average medical staff it is proposed to raise the salary of about 2360 UAH, Junior nurses — on-1180 UAH.