Singer Jerry Heil admitted the conditions in which he wrote his hits

Ukrainian blogger and singer Jerry Heil said that the most popular songs she has created, being in constant stress.

This information, the star shared in a commentary for TSN.ia.

Певица Jerry Heil призналась, в каких условиях писала свои хиты

In particular, the famous song #OHRANOY Jerry Heil has created in her first rented apartment near the St. Sophia Cathedral.

“It seemed like the taps were flowing Holy water, but in my neighborhood lived the “juice” companies, a lot of alcoholics and dysfunctional families. That I’m never allowed to relax. I came home and was kept in suspense, because you know that someone will now start shouting, banging and Smoking right at my door,” admitted the actress.

Moreover, the singer said that this period was most productive in her work. The celebrity also added that he remembers the morning she woke up famous, because as a blogger have become accustomed to the particular attention of the fans. However, believes that it’s for the best, because it is wildly popular not “banged her head”.