Singer MARKELOVA presented debut music video

Debut video of the singer MARKELOVA continues to reveal the bright image of the artist, her unique voice and distinctive sound have already found their real audience among fans of the original sound.

Певица MARKELOVA представила дебютный клип

Clip -“Half” plunges us into the atmosphere of the singer’s emotions, to the heart of her pain caused by the betrayal of a loved one. We see the main character in the walls of the dark Studio, where the flash of red light to symbolize the growing anguish and rage. They closely inside these walls and they are ready to break through. Women’s pain and thirst for revenge can achieve a truly natural scale. Stormy sky hanging over the roof, as if ready to crush everything around in the name of deliverance from suffering and anger. Cold fury reaches its maximum and is shed bloody rain, only he can wash away the lust, passion and depravity.

I made half of you“—sings MARKELOVA, and it means that I, too, can cause pain.

The voltage of the video enhances the extraordinary timbre MARKELOVA. In it are completely absent “vanilla notes”, which is sung in the first verse. Not formulaic sound, the abundance of musical experiments — all of this helps the artist to find its unique niche in modern pop music.

The shooting of the clip took place in Kiev.

“To implement the idea I had in one of the coldest days of August, and we were literally blown away by the wind from the roof, periodically flooded by the rain, and at some point he became red. But all turned out — thanks to a great team, and largely due to the dedication MARKELOVA, which for this video was falling into the icy pool, froze along with the rest of the crew, and among other things managed look, giving the frame the right emotion. Such situations allow you to see the real professionalism of the artist”-

shared experiences from filming the video Director Yaroslav Korotkov.