Singer Michelle Williams is unhappy that her confused with the actress

Hard to believe, but among celebrities, too, are full namesake.

In some aspects of such a coincidence some of them may not like. Recently singer Michelle Williams has admitted that she is tired of the fact that now it is constantly confused with actress Michelle Williams, reports the with reference to

Певица Мишель Уильямс недовольна тем, что ее путают с актрисой

The reason for the exacerbation of the confusion was the it actress Michelle Williams at the Emmy awards. She dedicated it to sexism and said that we should avoid situations in which a woman gets paid less than half, especially if it is due to the fact that she’s black. The actress said that men and women should be equal pay.

Ex-member of Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams has admitted that after this speech, in social networks there is huge number of comments from disgruntled users. They confused her with the actress who spoke about the problems of sexism. In its direct translation in Instagram singer Michelle protested the carelessness of these people.

When you celebrate or congratulate her, why don’t you pay attention to what I colored? I understand that you find my profile because you are looking for Michelle Williams. But I have a different skin color,

― said the singer. She didn’t understand why all the anger about the speech of her namesake collapsed on top of her. According to her, she really is sorry that the actress upset many of his statements, but why all claims need to listen to it? After all, the difference between the two stars is obvious.

Despite the fact that the singer has tired of the confusion, it its namesake-actress Michelle liked it. She said she fully shares the position and finds that the actress shared her truth, which the singer feels amazing.