Singh is in Toronto, may – Winnipeg, Shire and Trudeau rest (PHOTOS)

Сингх – в Торонто, Мэй – в Виннипеге, Шир и Трюдо отдыхают  (ФОТО)

Today Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth may continues his election campaign, while the leaders of the larger parties have decided to take a break.

Singh is in Toronto, where he will help Andrew Kash, a former NDP MP who is trying to regain his seat in Parliament from the district of Davenport, voters who in previous elections voted for the liberals.

They will begin with a discussion of the problem of precarious work in one of the local coffee shops.

Mei located in Winnipeg, where this morning she plans to present candidates from the Green Manitoba and then have them campaign in The Forks.

After all the time since the announcement of the Federal election on 11 September in a very intense rhythm, liberal leader Justin Trudeau and conservative leader Andrew Scheer took some time out after arriving in Ottawa.

On Sunday the two will continue their tour of the country.

But the liberal campaign is not entirely idle as Catherine McKenna, Minister of environment, this morning will announce a ban of single use plastic products in buildings of the Federal government.

The leader of the national party Maxim Bernier is in Northern Ontario where they will visit the competition tillers and rally in North Bay.