Singh promised to indigenous peoples $1.8 B to clean drinking water (PHOTO)

Сингх пообещал коренным народам $1.8B на чистую питьевую воду (ФОТО)

The leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh stated that he will provide every indigenous community with clean drinking water, which will need $ 1.8 billion.

He assured that that is a firm commitment to correct the injustice.

Currently with 56 reserves of the country are constantly warning about the need to boil water.

Singh reported on the preliminary assessment made by the experts of the parliamentary budget office, according to which the minimum amount necessary to ensure indigenous peoples ‘ drinking water, is $1.8 billion.

The leader of the NDP was in grassy narrows, the indigenous communities in Northern Ontario, which for decades suffered from mercury poisoning due to contaminated water.

Singh said that the NDP government will immediately spend $ 19 million on financing the center for treatment of mercury poisoning in the community.