Single pensioners will increase pensions

The head of the parliamentary Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy, Danil Getmantsev said that 70% size of pension in Ukraine is below the subsistence level and is not normal.

Одиноким пенсионерам повысят пенсии

As he told the publication Gordon, the state Budget 2020 provides increase of such payments. First and foremost, the pension will increase single pensioners.

“There are single pensioners. By the way, for them in the budget 2020 envisages increasing pensions. Our strategy in working with external creditors provides for any sudden movements,” said Getmantsev.

He explained that now the new government is faced with problems that had accumulated over decades. These problems put the government in a certain frame and require the implementation of IMF conditions.

“Of course, we can not listen to the IMF, for example, to increase the limits on Fopam to reduce taxes, to cancel unified social contribution. What could be more liberal than to reduce the tax burden? But then the retirees will fall on the shoulders of their children and grandchildren. Society makes this decision?”, — said the MP.

Danil Getmantsev stressed that Ukraine needs to act in the paradigm of compromise and pragmatism to avoid default and devaluation of the hryvnia.

“Our strategy in working with external creditors provides for sudden movements. If we are not able to borrow money under the repayment and servicing of the loans that we already have, we are going to default,” explained Getmantsev.