Sister Cara Delevingne went out in bright coat

33-year-old poppy Delevingne pleased the audience with a really bright output.

Сестра Кары Делевинь вышла на люди в яркой шубе

Like an animated character from the international children’s program “sesame Street”, she went shopping to Manhattan.

Paparazzi captured the British model and actress in SOHO, on a fun walk with a friend. For daily output, poppy chose not basic outfit.

The model was wearing voluminous yellow coat from akomea on top of marshmallow-pink Trouser suit. This outstanding combination did not bother poppy, and she gladly added his sandals on the heels and high hair.

Delevingne slowly walked through the shopping quarter and had a nice conversation with a friend. As accessories she chose a delicate pearl earrings and used nodoby make.

In a joint interview with the Porter sisters poppy, Cara and Chloe Delevingne spoke about her difficult childhood. Their mother, the daughter of the late newspaper magnate sir Jocelyn Stevens and Jane Sheffield, practically engaged in education of children, preferring partying, alcohol and drugs.

Difficult life circumstances brought together sisters and made them real friends.