Six years in prison for a teacher who abused an eight-year-old student

Six years in prison for a teacher who abused a student ;ve eight years


A disgraced teacher was sentenced Friday morning to six years in prison for months of abusing her former student, aged just eight, with whom she had fallen in love.

“She tarnished the image of thousands of teachers who devote themselves daily to the good of their students,” Judge Serge Cimon told Josianne Lévesque at the Laval courthouse.

The woman 43 years old taught his victim in the second year of elementary school in a private college in Montreal. The abuse that lasted 17 months, however, took place in the context of homework help.

La Lavalloise listened to the magistrate read his judgment of forty pages this morning from the dock, she who had taken the way to the penitentiary last May, almost a year after pleading guilty. Dressed in a black jacket and wearing a blue mask, she stared at the ground for long minutes.


“The evidence shows a certain manipulation on his part in order to get closer [to his victim], which highlights the premeditation and contributes to his moral guilt,” lamented the judge.

Lévesque had managed to gain the trust of the mother of his victim, even becoming a close friend of the family.

In addition, the teacher did everything to ensure that the young student kept his crimes secret, often repeating to him that she “could lose everything and go in prison,” he confided to Journal in an interview last August.

Wanting the abuse to stop, he nevertheless ended up confessing to her mother in August 2020 that Lévesque kissed her on the mouth and with the tongue. Then in the following days, he exposed all the sordid details of the attacks that his guardian inflicted on him.

More details to come…