Six years in prison for a young arms trafficker

Six years in prison for young arms dealer


A young trafficker from Montérégie will have to serve six years in prison after being caught while selling semi-automatic firearms often used for mass killings in the United States. 

Jérémie Lamontagne, 27, admitted his guilt earlier this week at the Longueuil courthouse.

Judge Marc-Antoine Carette immediately endorsed the joint suggestion of the Crown prosecutor, Me Eve Malouin, and the defense lawyer, Me Philip Schneider, of 72 months in prison.

< strong>Undercover operation

According to the joint summary filed in court, an undercover officer from the Dedicated Arms Trafficking Team (ELTA) of the police Montreal began its meetings with Lamontagne last February.

Delson's trafficker then explained to him that he obtained his equipment in different ways, “in particular by illegal importation and by accomplices who had legally obtained firearms which they subsequently declared to be falsely stolen”, can we read there.

In the weeks that followed, the undercover agent would arrange various transactions for a Beretta 92FS semi-automatic pistol, at a cost of $6250, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, for $12,500 and a $12,000 CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 semi-automatic rifle.

During the same period, several discussions took place with a view to importing 50 to 60 weapons from the United States.


Or , on June 1, ELTA police officers executed a search warrant at the home of Lamontagne, who was brutally awakened by the arrival of the authorities.

They seized a 9 mm caliber Ruger EC9S semi-automatic pistol loaded into the bathroom and $1000 in the pockets of Lamontagne's jeans, who was handcuffed in front of his father.

The latter was at that time the assistant director of the Régie fire at the Alliance des Grandes-Seigneuries, which brings together the municipalities of Saint-Constant, Candiac and Sainte-Catherine.

After his arrest, the criminal told the police that the traffic was not not “so paying” and that he was contributing to it to reimburse a sum of money to individuals who threatened to attack his father, according to the joint summary filed in cou r.

-With the collaboration of Valérie Gonthier