Six years requested for a teenage pimp from Lévis

Six years requested for a teenager pimp from Lévis


Arrested following a police strike to put an end to a small pimping ring organized by teenagers, one of the defendants who has been incarcerated for a year and a half already could serve a total sentence of six years from prison.

Arrested in March 2021, the young offender had just turned 18 when he was arrested to face various charges of pimping. Despite his young age, the Crown indicated that a severe adult sentence should be imposed on the offender to reflect the seriousness of the acts committed.

At the sentencing stage, two of the young victims came to testify about the consequences of what they had experienced. Low self-confidence, difficulty trusting men, episodes of mutilation have marked their lives since they were under the pimp's yoke for a few weekends. 

The mother of one of the victims indicated that her daughter had completely changed her personality since the events. “It feels like our daughter got killed and they put someone else in her place,” she testified, adding that her daughter had “outstanding benchmarks” with sexuality. 


The 19-year-old accused testified to having come to an awareness since his arrest, he who has been incarcerated in the Quebec prison with fellow prisoners much older than him.

At the time of the crimes, the young man was particularly influenced by the Montreal rapper Enima, an artist who praises crime and pimping. “It's as if I was living in a movie at that time,” he testified. 

The young man's mother also recounted the difficult journey of her son, who fell into drugs at a very young age. He went to therapy from the age of 15 in addition to being hospitalized twice for psychoses.

His parents, who have always been there for him, have even denounced their son to the police because he had drugs in his room. The defendant's lawyer, Me Adèle Juster, has proposed a sentence of 30 months in prison less preventive detention. 

Conversely, the DPCP prosecutor Me Hugo Breton believes that a six-year prison sentence is necessary. “He's a flirt, but he's still a pimp,” pleaded the prosecutor. 

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