Six years to a violent spouse who risks expulsion from the country

Six years to an abusive spouse who faces deportation from the country


A young offender who severely beat his wife over an eight-month period has been sentenced to six years in prison and now faces deportation from Canada due to his permanent resident status.

In the summer of 2019, Loïc-Ndayizeye Kalunga met a young Ottawa resident through mutual friends. The accused then moved to Ottawa with the latter and her children, but they regularly returned to Quebec to visit his relatives. 

Loïc-Ndayizeye Kalunga. Guilty

A first episode of violence thus occurred on New Year's Day 2020, on their return to the hotel, when Kalunga had reproached the victim for his behavior. The 23-year-old man then put on his rings to hit the young woman in the face before strangling her to the point of knocking her unconscious. 

Severely beaten

Several other acts of violence took place in the summer of 2020, still in the Quebec region, during which the victim was struck in the face and legs. The violence came to a head in August when the 21-year-old was severely beaten, strangled and pulled by her hair. 

In a panic, the victim had asked his children to get into the car immediately to flee the scene in the direction of Ottawa without taking any personal effects. In her flight, the woman, who had no money, even had to steal gas and food for her children from a convenience store, theft which she later reimbursed. 

A complaint of domestic violence was made to the Ottawa police the next day, which led to the arrest of Kalunga by the SPVQ's Integrated Pimping Squad. The latter, who arrived in Canada with his family in 2012 as a refugee, was convicted of aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and assault with bodily harm. 

Not a Canadian citizen

Judge Rachel Gagnon handed down a six-year prison sentence for these acts of domestic violence, which satisfied the DPCP prosecutor, Me Mélanie Tremblay. Except that due to his numerous past convictions, Kalunga, who appeared in court with a bandage on his nose, never obtained his status as a Canadian citizen and now faces deportation from the country.

A measure in this direction has also been launched by the authorities, but is currently being appealed by the offender. Kalunga's new conviction, however, may not help his cause.

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