Sławomir Świerzński commented on the entry of one of the politicians. Lieder Bayer Full was certainly not counting on such a reaction from Internet users

Sławomir Świerzyński does not shy away from commenting on the socio-political position in Poland.

 Sławomir Świerzński commented on the entry of one of the politicians. According to the

Sławomir Świerzyński comments

Sławomir Świerzyński quite often comments on the socio-political situation in our country. It is no secret that he professes right-wing conservative values, identifying himself with the views represented by the current government.

Świerzyński recently referred to the post of the politician of the Civic Platform, Dariusz Joński. The deputy assured in social media that he would fight for women in our country to have access to safe abortion procedures.

“What does your mother say? Abortion is murdering children for political gains. Come to your senses and propose an election program, not rummaging in someone else's panties” – wrote the leader of Bayer Full, in response to the PO politician's post.

If Sławomir Świerzyński counted on favorable comments, he miscalculated a lot. The entry of the musician caused an avalanche of responses, but few people were favorable to him. Many Internet users said that in the mouth of music these words sounded quite false.

He was reminded that he fell in love with his wife when she was still a minor. There were also references to romance in which a disco-polo musician was supposed to get into. Internet users suggested that Świerzyński should stay with music, because “politics is not on his head”. Others added that he “flew away” quite a lot.

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