Sleep helps us to forget the stupid mistakes and shameful actions

Today’s negative memories for which we are ashamed, will seem not so terrible tomorrow. But this happens only in the case if a person has no insomnia, scientists say.

Researchers from the Institute of neurobiology of the Netherlands scored two groups of volunteers with normal sleep and insomnia. In the experiment, the volunteers recalled the unpleasant incident for which he was very ashamed, and the doctors scanned their brains using MRI.

Сон помогает нам забыть глупые ошибки и позорные поступки

It turned out that the participants from the first group refers to these events as to elaborate the memories left in the past. And the subjects suffering from insomnia, still they experienced more emotional and stressed.

The researchers conclude that the cause of insomnia may lie in the failure to neutralize the negative experiences. It is often sleep disturbances are correlated with the risk of mental disorders.

Sleep plays an important role in processing strong emotions a person feels during the day. It was during a night of rest, changes in connections between brain cells. Some increase, that strengthens memories, while others become weaker, which helps “forget” a traumatic experience.

The results of the experiment suggests that only adequate sleep helps to relieve emotional stress, while the insomnia exacerbates psychological problems.

In another experiment, the same group of scientists asked the volunteers, some of whom suffered from insomnia, karaoke. Participants did not hear their own voice while singing. Then they turned on the recording without the music.

For the first time all the participants felt very awkward. But when they put this same entry a second time – after quality of sleep, they no longer feel such strong shame. What can not be said about people with insomnia, they were even more confused and depressed.