“Sleeping like an elephant and don’t get enough sleep”: top 5 reasons

Sleepiness and fatigue during the day can affect not only those who objectively sleeps less than it should be. If you sleep seven to nine hours, lie till eleven in the evening, and still you have the feeling of lack of sleep, there are 5 explanations.

«Сплю как слон и не высыпаюсь»: 5 главных причин

An overabundance of caffeine

To caffeine had a negative effect on sleep, not necessarily drinking coffee at night. If coffee, Cola or strong tea your main beverage during the day, the nervous system and can not rest to night. This sleep is intermittent, shallow, and in the morning you are feeling “bruised”.


Maybe your mattress has ceased to perform its function (service life – not more than 10 years), or does not initially fit. Instead of quietly subside, you keep moving around, to occupy the most comfortable position (even during sleep).

Lack of exercise

Sleep problems often in people who for most of the day spend in sitting position. In combination with stress (which happen from time to time at any job), this leads to malfunction of the Central nervous system, as stress hormones are “not utilized”. The decision – at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day (gym, Jogging or intense walking to the subway instead of taxis).

Radiation screens gadgets

If you are already in bed you thumb through tapes of social networks, browse the news and rewrite, messengers, it prevents the creation of melatonin hormone — it is produced only in the dark. Even asleep, with a lack of melatonin, the sleep is not complete.

Alcohol abuse

A glass of wine with dinner? This can be a problem. Studies show that frequent consumption of even light alcohol in small amounts, people often Wake up in the second half of the night. If you Wake at 3am and toss and turn for a long time before to go back to sleep, it may be in alcohol.