Slept on the floor, and the food was given to staff: camper stuck in the airport for 110 days due to coronavirus

Roman Trofimov from Estonia arrived from Bangkok on March 20, the AirAsia flight, it landed at Manila airport in the Philippines. However, once he arrived, he learned that will not be able to leave the relegation zone as the Philippines does not issue visas for those coming from restrictions in connection with the coronavirus. It was also reported that the airline was not allowed to deliver him back to Thailand because of the pandemic. This writes Fox News.

Спал на полу, а еду давали сотрудники: турист застрял в аэропорту на 110 дней из-за коронавируса

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From March 20 Trofimov stuck in the departure area of the airport, slept on the floor and survived, eating at the airport or through the food given to him by airport officials.

“The airline has said that I need to wait until the end of the extended quarantine, before I was allowed to fly, he said. — I am a person with a disability, my health is deteriorating due to malnutrition, lack of sun and fresh air.”

The guy has made several publications on his page in the social network, someone to help him get out of the airport. He went to the Embassy, but reportedly they were unable to deliver it on a flight for repatriation.

According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia, officials say that Trofimov took off after the dissemination of warnings about the coronavirus.

“It is important to note that he flew to the Philippines at a time when the country has declared emergency situations and the Ministry of foreign Affairs has warned of the dangers of travel”, — said the Agency.

The situation is reminiscent of the Tom Hanks movie “the Terminal” came to an end July 7 — after 110 days in the airport — when Trofimov wrote in Facebook that he was able to fly back to the capital of Estonia Tallinn.

“Thank you to everyone who disseminates information to the Internet, gives me advice and supports me with kind words — he wrote. — we did it together!”


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