Slight landslide of a trail in Lévis

Light landslide of a trail in Lévis< /p> UPDATE DAY

A landslide was observed in a wooded area near the Etchemin River frequented by walkers, Sunday in Lévis.

According to the Fire Safety Department de Lévis, a portion of the ground approximately 100 feet wide was detached.

The incident occurred near a trail located in the Sentiers La Balade, in the Saint-Jean sector. -Chrysostome, about 1.3 km from the entrance to the site not far from Cadoret Island.

There was no no injuries and there do not appear to be any witnesses either. Two users noticed the damage and reported it to the authorities on Sunday.

The event could have occurred in the last few days and would be of natural origin, mentioned the head of service operations fire, Patrick Vallières. 

There is no building or residence threatened in the area.

Firefighters intervened to secure the scene. Banners have been erected around the perimeter of the area to block access.

Other measures will be taken by those in charge of the site, in particular to install a bypass.

The Department of Public Safety has also been notified of the situation and is expected to conduct a site assessment shortly.