Small portions of alcohol can be more dangerous than his rare abuse

Frequent eating of small portions of alcohol can be more dangerous to the body than rare alcohol abuse. This statement was made by scientists from the Medical College at Korea University.

Небольшие порции алкоголя могут быть опаснее его редкого злоупотребления

About the project according to a press release on the website of the European society of cardiology. In the study, researchers studied the impact on the body small portions of alcohol, was attended by almost 9.8 million people. The participants were national health examination in 2009, and were under the supervision of scientists until 2017.

Scientists have established a clear link between amount of alcohol consumed servings of alcohol a week with atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation). It turned out that the rare abuse of alcohol does not show correlation with this dangerous heart condition.

But regular consumption of even moderate quantities of alcohol increase the likelihood of atrial fibrillation. Risk of, increased by two percent with each additional gram of alcohol consumed per week, the researchers noted.

In atrial fibrillation violated electrical impulses that govern the pumping function of the heart, in the body cease to function normally in the atrium. As a result the heart begins to beat irregularly, periodically, too fast, and in some areas of the Atria causes blood to back up. So form blood clots, which are then passed to the brain through the bloodstream, threatening the development of stroke.