Smartphone not needed: left without a phone, smart girl set Twitter on smart fridge


Смартфон не нужен: оставшись без телефона, умная девочка установила Twitter на смарт-холодильнике

In the United States fifteen-year-old girl named Dorothy complained to Twitterна rigidity of her mother, who took her phone. The fact is that during one of the conversations schoolgirl too carried away with discussion, and preparing on the stove, the rice is burnt. This writes the Guardian.

A passion for socializing with peers was the girl so big that she began to look for other possible ways of communicating through the tablet of his cousin, the Nintendo 3DS family console WiiU – a benefit that all modern gadgets can connect to the Internet.

In turn, mother Dorothy, too, was a difficult woman: every time she learned about the cunning plans of his daughter and deprived her of access to another device.

But even she could not imagine what modern young people: Dorothy sent his last tweet with “smart fridge” LGв living room.

Such a move made her a celebrity, and the official account of the social network even launched the hashtag #FreeDorothy (“Freedom Dorothy”).

Tweets girls collected thousands of reposts, and the manufacturer of the refrigerator even thought about rewarding the young American.

But in the midst of the General enthusiasm, writes the Guardian, a number of experts in the field of technology began to doubt whether it is possible to use Twitter on my fridge, and whether the whole story is a clever marketing ploy of the South Koreans.

LGдаже was forced to confirm that some of its models of refrigerators have the possibility of entering the social network, but are unable to prove that the tweet Dorothy was sent from one of them.

Anyway, despite a wide resonance and universal recognition, Dorothy continues to be punished, and gadgets were not returned family values yet won the debate with modern technology.

driving around in it dashing through the streets, the envy of many young people.

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