Smegal: Ukrainian coal is the main fuel for thermal power plants

Шмыгаль: Украинский уголь будет основным видом топлива на ТЭС

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to take a decision according to which the basic fuel for electricity production should be the coal of domestic production. This resolution was approved at the government meeting on June 17, wrote in the Telegram Premier Denis Shmyhal.

“We buy imported gas at a time as the miners are unemployed, because there is no market. This is wrong,” said Smigel at a government meeting on Wednesday.

According to him, after government decisions, the state company “Centrenergo” will buy and actively use the coal from the state mines.

“So we support the Ukrainian miners and save 20 thousand jobs”, – said the Prime Minister, noting that they are now either in idle or in a state of uncertainty.

As reported, the Ministry of energy through the Prime Minister asked the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) to introduce a temporary ban on the use of coal by thermal power plants (TPP) natural gas and fuel oil as primary fuel.

According to the acting energy Minister Olga Bukovec, despite the greater economic effect of the burning heavily discounted natural gas, such a ban is necessary to have state and private coal companies has not taken away the market, the miners went to work and received wages.

“At a time when we live in surplus of its own resources, it is unacceptable to use energy resources that are not provided as the design for use,” the Minister noted at the briefing on 12 June.

The EU has supported Ukraine in its efforts to reform the coal sector

Busevec believes that such a ban should be introduced before the end of this year, and on its removal it will be possible to say in case of improvement of the economy and the increase in the consumption of electric power.

The Minister cited the example of PJSC “Tsentrenergo”, potrebuje in may, 0.3 million tons of coal, is enshrined in the balance of 0.5 million tons. Underutilized 0.2 million tons of coal was replaced by 136 million cubic meters of gas.