Smigel announced the restart of the Ukrainian economy in may

Coronavirus quarantine will be extended after April 24, but some will be allowed to return to work for the sake of economy. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal in the address to Ukrainians on Friday, April 3.

Шмыгаль анонсировал рестарт украинской экономики в мае

He admitted that Ukraine can not afford not to work two or three months in a row, so able-bodied citizens will be allowed to return to work, and in parallel will be partially renewed movement of public transport.

“It will allow us in early may to begin the restart of the economy. But it would not mean the weakening of the other quarantine measures. As the threat of the spread of coronavirus in three weeks is not going to disappear, limiting walks, mass meetings and other activities will still operate. All, without exception, will be required to wear masks and observe the quarantine. For senior people, students and schoolchildren quarantine will be extended,” — said the Prime Minister.

According to him, therefore, the government is trying to strike a balance between the quarantine measures and the preservation of the economy.