Smigel explained the optimistic GDP forecast

Шмыгаль объяснил оптимистический прогноз по ВВП


Authorities have promised a sharp increase in the economy after the crisis

Authorities rely on several factors which will help to grow the economy after the crisis.

The head of the government Denis Shmyhal argued an optimistic forecast for economic growth in the next three years positive trends in some industries.

“This development of the industry, support the national producer, in particular in the field of engineering, defense order”, — he said at a meeting on Wednesday, July 29.

The Cabinet of Ministers expect that from the fourth quarter of this year to begin restoration in different countries, and this will increase the demand for Ukrainian metallurgy.

It is also expected to increase recycling in the agricultural sector.

“We are confident that should encourage increased recycling not banned, and support programs that our agricultural industry has developed to: export not raw materials, and the finished product,” he said.

In addition, the growth of the economy, according to Smagala, will help support small and medium-sized businesses.

Another factor in the growth in the government called the focus not only on external but also domestic investors.

According to the forecast of the Cabinet, in the next three years, Ukraine’s GDP will grow at least 4.3%. At etong January-may 2020 GDP socratian of 5.9%.

The Ministry of Finance declare topadria economy ostanovilos June.