Smigel revealed details of the agreement with the IMF

The government of Ukraine explained the essence of cooperation with the IMF, and assured that the Memorandum signed with the Fund will not lead to major structural reforms in the state.

Шмыгаль раскрыл детали соглашения с МВФ

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to UNIAN material.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal hastened to assure citizens that further cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the receipt of financial tranche from this organization involves the conduct of the country’s major structural reforms, including such a measure as raising the retirement age.

“This program does not require state of such steps, it does not contain the conditions for the implementation of structural reforms. There is written structural actions that Ukraine needs to meet with the IMF or without the Fund, as we move towards the civilized world. These terms absolutely coincide with the directions of the reforms taking place in Ukraine and will continue to happen despite the crisis”, — explained Denis Shmyhal.

The Chairman of the Cabinet explained that the question of raising the retirement age for citizens of Ukraine were not conducted and not conducted. With regard to the first tranche from the IMF, he’ll be received by the state for the sixth of June 2020. Denis Shmyhal highlighted the fact that negotiations with the organization had already been held, the President of the country Vladimir Zelensky recently held a key telephone conversation with IMF head. The fifth of June they will sign a formal contract, and a day later will arrive in Ukraine the first tranche.

“The program is designed for eighteen months, credit for five years, the amount of 5 billion US dollars. This loan program standby with a rather simplified, which will give us the opportunity to move quietly to overcome the consequences of the crown-of the crisis that is already there. Spelled out the first tranche of $ 1.9 billion in the month of June, 5-6 the number expected next in the fall $ 1.6 billion next year – $ 1.5 billion,” — said Denis Shmyhal.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the fact that with the signing of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, Ukraine will be able to obtain credit from other Western partners, including international institutions. In particular, Denis Shmyhal called the European Union, the world Bank, the European Bank for reconstruction and development, European investment Bank. The total investment of these organizations in the Ukrainian economy could reach ten billion dollars.