Smigel urged Ukrainians to prepare for economic crisis

Today, March 18, in Kyiv, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Denis Smagala, held a Cabinet meeting at which Ministers considered a number of measures to combat coronavirus and its negative impact on the economy of the country.

Шмыгаль призвал украинцев приготовиться к экономическому кризису

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal, in particular, recognized that both the government and ordinary citizens it is time to prepare for the coming global crisis.

“The government will not and has no right to limit today only struggle with the coronavirus, we have to prepare Ukraine to other challenges. Global crisis… a possible economic crisis in Ukraine, which will be a consequence of the world, and we don’t doubt it. This challenge and for the Minister of the economy and for the whole government and for the country and for business in particular,” — said at the Cabinet meeting Denis Shmyhal.