Smoliy called the key risks for Ukraine’s economy

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy said that the key risk to the NBU for economic growth, consider delaying the conclusion of a new cooperation program with the IMF.

Смолий назвал ключевые риски для экономики Украины

About this Smoliy said at the briefing, reports Wave.

However, he stressed that macro-financial stability risks remain, primarily as a result of decisions of Ukrainian courts on the responsibility and obligations of the former owners of insolvent banks to the state.

Resin also said that the realization of these risks may worsen the exchange rate and inflation expectations, moreover, hamper access to international capital markets in terms of the need to implement a peak of debt payments.

In addition, the NBU head stressed that the current are also other risks. Among them, he called for further cooling of the world economy and the deteriorating terms of trade, the escalation of the military conflict in the East of the country, and new trade restrictions from the Russian side, the reduction in yield of grain and horticultural crops in Ukraine in connection with adverse weather conditions. This list Smoliy has also contributed to increase volatility in world prices for food considering global climate change and the reduction of the inflow of foreign capital.