Smoliy explained the failure of the transaction at $1.75 billion

Смолий объяснил срыв сделки на $1,75 млрд


Resin assures that the scandal with the issue of bonds for his resignation would be in any case

The former head of the NBU said that he did not know the exact date of the completion of receiving investor applications for the purchase of government bonds.

The former head of the National Bank Yakov Smoliy unintentionally disrupted the placement of the issue of Ukrainian external Treasury bonds of $1.75 billion. he said this in an interview with Left Bank, published on Monday, July 6.

“I did not know when they close the book. What does it mean? They gathered investors, who were willing to buy Eurobonds for $1.75 billion for seven kopecks per cent. The deal had been decorated. The date is July 8. Regardless of the time would leave the information about my resignation the 1st, 2nd or 3rd July — it still would have became known to investors,” he said.

Smoliy acknowledged that the deal on the location was excellent, the Finance Ministry due to his resignation.

“It is clear that the resignation of the head of the Central Bank — a very strong warning to investors. I believe that the agreement would have the same result that it has today. And the Ministry of Finance has responded very correctly. If the money went before investors learned of the resignation of the head of the NBU, would be an even bigger scandal. From investors it would be perceived as a sham, saying that the Ministry of Finance on the resignation knew, and investors — not” — said the former head of the NBU.

According to him, although investors approved of the decision, but the worst moment for such statements could not be.