Sneakers for tennis: what to choose to play on clay, grass and hard court?

The first thing to consider when choosing sneakers for tennis – court, where she plans to play tennis. Also important is the depreciation of properties a tennis sneaker, fixation of the foot, flexibility in the area of the metatarsal bones of the foot. But the tread pattern specifies the main characteristics of the optimal grip, which determines the mobility of the athlete.

Explain how to choose the right running shoes for tennis.

Кроссовки для тенниса: какие выбрать для игры на грунте, траве и хард корте?

The difference on grass, clay and hard surface

Tennis courts with different coatings require the player skills to adapt to their peculiarities. Characteristics of the most common:

  • Grass — traditional, but a rare cover. Considered to be the fastest, but is the most unpredictable because of possible irregularities, moisture, slip.

  • Soil —the “slow” coverage, the least traumatic. Fine grained mixture of sand to absorb the rebound requires from the player patience, the ability to build a combination.

  • Hard (hard court) – a very popular and convenient, consisting of a main concrete layer and multiple acrylic. Suitable for universal games and training.

Properties tennis shoes, adapted to the different courts

Кроссовки для тенниса: какие выбрать для игры на грунте, траве и хард корте?

Brand sports shoes for tennis from the manufacturer usually have a marking indicating their purpose. If you decide to buy equipment tennis equipment remotely via the Internet shop, pay attention to the photo, such as on a dedicated websiteTennisGo.

The purpose of shoes it is possible to visually determine the elevation of the sole:

  • Tennis shoes for grass have a protector with little relief. Necessarily the presence of spikes, preventing sliding on the grass, reducing the likelihood of injury due to potholes and uneven ground.

  • Brand shoes for movement through a solid material supplying protector with heterogeneous elements in depth of relief for the increased depreciation.

  • Sneakers for tennis on clay have small zigzag corrugation, uniform over the entire surface.

  • For training in areas with soft synthetic material is better to order the shoes with smooth soles naselenii.

In Ukraine any kinds of tennis sneakers and various goods for tennis listed in the directory TennisGo. Remember that in addition to the tread, on the mobility of the player’s impact is their weight, the inner cushioning insert, thick heel, side clips. Why high-quality shoes is better to buy from reliable suppliers!