Snezhana Babkina said, who helps her in raising a little Elisha

In an exclusive interview to the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraina”, star official trailer the couple shared details of how I combine work with raising three children, and who helps to raise 4-month-old Elisha.

Снежана Бабкина рассказала, кто помогает ей в воспитании маленького Елисея

Recently, Sergei Babkin, released the video for the song “VI I. Adami, “in which the star couple became the main characters. The journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” asked why Sergey and Alina didn’t do it in the “costume of eve and Adam.”

“There was such a proposal from us. Almost did it but we did not have time to shoot the scene where we are totally naked. Went to Kharkov, because in the evening we had a performance and are unable to stay in Kiev”-

explained the couple.

Now the family Babkin with more desire returned to Kharkov, because there they are waiting for a 4-month-old son Elisha. Kid, to grow a grandmother. Snezhana says the little son allowing parents a good night’s sleep.

“Our third time was totally different. Did not have sleepless nights. As Elisha was born, one to two times a night waking up. Just some super-perfect child”-

Snezhana said Babkina.

Now, every trip to Kiev for Snjezana is a great work to which she is preparing in advance.

“I need to freeze a lot of milk. A period of freeze, then realize that they can leave, and we this day from morning till night, like a madman, running around the interview, on the air”-

told the wife of Sergey Babkin.

The fact that parents really don’t want to miss the first word or first step little Elisha.